Verhoeff Lawfirm and Mediation

Verhoeff Lawfirm and Mediation is a highly specialized law firm engaged in the field of Family Law, in national but also in cross border cases.


Verhoeff Lawfirm and Mediation | The Hague | Amsterdam

We provide services in connection with:

  • Mediation in relation to divorce and to other family related disputes;
  • Crossborder Mediation / Child kidnapping;
  • Forensic Mediation;
  • Collaborative divorce;
  • Conducting proceedings before various judicial authorities;
  • Advice;
  • Second opinions;
  • Education / coaching;
  • Coaching
  • Eft
  • Parental coordination

Our goal is to create the most appropriate strategy in your case, where you can rely on our highly qualified legal expertise which is based on in depth knowledge and experience gained in more than 30 years engagement in the abovenmentioned areas.

Verhoeff Lawfirm and Mediaton has a multidisciplinary approach. This means that, if necessary, we cooperate with experts in other fields, such as a psychologist and/or a tax-expert.

In addition, Verhoeff Lawfirm and Mediation actively participates in developing  and providing professional training and education for attorney-mediators, lawyers, notaries and judges, including intervision and supervision.

Our offices are located in a historical villa in The Hague and in down town Amsterdam, conveniently reachable by car and public transport, including enough (public) parking space.

Verhoeff Lawfirm and Mediation | The Hague | Amsterdam
Verhoeff Lawfirm and Mediation | The Hague | Amsterdam

Verhoeff and de Haas


For many years we, Annelies Verhoeff and René de Haas, have worked together successfully as mediators and now we have decided to join forces.

In families, organizations or enterprises conflicts may arise and can take over day-to-day life. Than assistance from professionals will be needed to reach an out of court resolution. We have experienced that the added value of our interventions have lead to improved communications, as well as clear and transparent agreements. The two create relational space and offer a perspective for a brighter and peaceful future for both children and parents.

As the feedback of our clients sounds:

– ‘creative, energetic and effective’,

– ‘compact, transparent and professional’,

– ‘synergy, complementary, structure and trust’.

In view of the costs it is our aim to achieve a sustainable solution to which everyone can agree in short time. This combines perfect with our motto: ‘Meet the clients where they are!’


Verhoeff Lawfirm and Mediation | The Hague | Amsterdam

We have experienced that in complicated divorce practices, from long-distance removals to child abduction , problems unwillingly can escalate and lead to an inflammable conflict. As a team of two knowledgeable mediators we are able to guide our clients out of this situation, analyse the underlying emotions and bring them back to the talks. From the feedback we have learned, that our clients very much appreciated the man-woman combination in our team and this has proved to be of great assistance in co-mediations.

‘One-plus-one’ is more than the sum of the parts!


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Verhoeff Lawfirm and Mediation | The Hague | Amsterdam
Verhoeff Lawfirm and Mediation | The Hague | Amsterdam